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Colosseum Of Blood Lyrics

by Centurian


Colosseum Of Blood Song Lyrics

Colosseum Of Blood by Centurian

Worthless lives upon sacred ground
Children of god in the arena of death
Soon to be ripped and torn apart
Pieces of meat for Caligula's art

Lame sheep standing naked
Naked with the love of their god
Their holy lies exposed to all
Bestowed with laughter as they pray

Kill them!
Shed their blood
Kill them!
The flesh must fall
Only good to feed the beasts
Christian flesh is sacrificed
Holy sh*t, consumed and excreted
They join their saviour in disgrace

Thumbs down, the imperial will
Masses roar in approval
Now give praise to mighty Caesar
Today we celebrate the death of them all!

Corridors are opened
Starving beasts of prey appear
Colusseum of blood, the crowd is pleased
Bodies rendered unto Caesar

Come christian, face the lions
Salvation comes with hungry mouths
Your heaven waits beyond those jaws
The house of god is yawning wide

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