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C Bo - All I Ever Wanted lyrics

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All I Ever Wanted by C Bo

[Featuring Lunasicc 151]
Chorus: C Bo
All I ever wanted was a pair of Nikes
A Lexus a mansion and eternal life
Maybe what it was I was askin for too much
Prayin to God thinkin 'did he give a f**k?'
Twelve years old I was always told
Every day I want it that glitter ain't gold
But f**k that sh*t I want a twelve inch dick
A Coupe a chrome and a money makin b**ch
Verse 1: C Bo
A 'Lac front, back, man, I wish I had it
In a brim, Rolex down wit a automatic
I be the sh*t, pimpin hoes from Cali to Louisville
Strip em for money in Magic City and the A-T-L
Cos see these b**ches ain't sh*t but investments
And they ain't worth sh*t unless they makin profit
I need a money-makin b**ch to satisfy my needs
Some pussy, dough, diamonds and G's
So when I swoop in my coupe, out to get my loot
Collect it from hookers more famous than Betty Boo
It be that, legalised pimpin that's keepin me above the water
f**k a b**ch, get rich and live the life of a baller
Cos a broke b**ch ain't nuttin but a downfall
Unless she cement her money and her mind, y'all
And wit straight-laced game is how ya take control
I been practisin the sh*t since twelve years old
Verse 2: Lunasicc
One foot in the grave and eleven inches insane
Psychotic nigga named Lunasicc, squattin out them gold thangs
Slappin these b**ches, y'all can't be laggin on the payroll
Let's get your ass right back to the track before your face get steezo
I'm cold like the winter, get up in your flesh like a splinter
I dash with the cash then mash on the gas, prepare a hog for dinner
Creepin when I'm sleepin, my b**ch ya want coasted
by the window, wit an AK ready for niggas wit their gunplay
Cap peelers, drug dealers, I thought you knew
that if you f**k wit one of my niggas then you're f**kin wit the crew
We roll deep like sheep, always strapped wit some heat
Original gangsta, f**k a prankster, ride my nuts like a beat, huh
I'm bout it, bout it, but niggas like you, I doubt it, doubt it
I come thru, drinkin blue lookin bout it, bout it
Ready for the gunplay, move the crowd like we the O-Jays
Blastin like I'm crazy out the Colt wit my .3-80, Mafioso
Verse 3: 151
Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe to Reno
b**ches on the highest floors of the casinos
Butt naked, checkin money by the G stack
As I pose at the cr*p tables, sippin on yak
I'm just a baller, wit a grip of money-makin hoes
Might catch em fo'-deep in a C-Ville on triple golds
Wit cell phones and pagers as if it's on a grind
So to keep em an X-rated pussy is a goldmine
I'm on a major mission to increase my stacks to the highest climax
I'm wrapped up in my safe and G-pacts
Crackin like green weed sacks, for slangin, for danglin
youngstas wit their pants hangin, gangbangin, .45 stangin
Ain't no tamin, aimin, accurate, we hit em off and slid em off
They get off in the Valley, immaculately, sippin rally's
Winners are stackin chips up like alleys
From Seattle to Cali, the North of Valley, nigga

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