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Head Trip Lyrics

by Case Arnold


Head Trip Song Lyrics

Head Trip by Case Arnold

And I am, you are yeah, ah
This mix balls might insides the problem
New trices of cigarettes, they keep f**king on my high
Why am I keep smoking? Cuz my was a smoke twelve years old
But that was cool for blowing dose and then became my stunner
I hit that label there and brake it down while my dads home
Praising the gus, but finding gas I was seeking out
More than a book, can you hear me sh*t I realize?
Metal slaves on these times
No changes needed, call it up and they dont mean it
Divided in the classes and separations cause a habit
I aint gonna have it the promise, I aint gonna have it
Say our prates a message, f**k that sh*t, I give you passion
Like Christ and I am in our ears will be or have been
Forever and ever
Forever and ever
Good by now, we are forever yeah
Generation full of hate game
f**king with a chick cuz they hit straight
All that gus is givin me just headache
All I want for you is to press play
Father then I ever been, dope man pedal live
Free been twinkle the level ?
This should be full of estrogen
Only performing on extra last
Get the message like a telegram
Move away just cant sell a gram
Hustlers just to sell ambitions and this is get with no ?
They making in and they get and they make looking well
Temp me and temped me to murder this instrument
? til they pass the sh*t
Become a friend on this
You the fine is you could banz that time
They pass and they relate, they say the reckless straight
Pull the tapes dont rock just play
And it sounds so heavenly
As I lay but lay the Heaven for me if is really good for splittin
Getting murder cuz the turbulence after was all that like shot
But soon they heard the sh*t, I know that they heard the sh*t
And I am and we are forever
We are infinite
And I am and you are

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