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Captain Everything! - Cellophane Stiletto lyrics

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Cellophane Stiletto by Captain Everything!

Caught in the middle what your looking for is a way out of the torture.
It's the pain that imprisons you in the draining faucet.
It's a wash it's a face laughing through the cellophane that will give you back the price of your life.
What you're looking for is a way out of the torture that is binding you to life.
Get your need to break off.
Get your need to burn off.
Concubine stiletto.
Stick it in it.
Cut it. Expose the membrane to the air.
Replace the goods, return this fucking defective corpse.
Drain all the cells voltage.
Function weakening inverse becoming.
Resistor populate concubine rotated cellophane stilettoed face.
Bite back this trap.
Catch this complete carnage.
A casket wrapped in cellophane.

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