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Canibus - Intro lyrics

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Intro by Canibus

You know this rap game is a lot like high school. And high school is a lot like life. You see in life you gotta do things to set yourself apart from your peers. You need to identify the qualities that separate you from those around you. After all, isn't that what most people spend they lives trying to accomplish? Wouldn't we all want somebody somewhere later on down the line to remember the things that were different about us? Don't you understand? the more you fit in the less you're noticed? That's how it is, for anyone to walk through life unnoticed, as if they never mattered, could be a punishment worse than death. And at the same time, that punishment is the only way you could truly be free. Free from the things you want people to remember about you, but also free from the things you want them to forget. I don't know if that freedom exists for me anymore. And although I dream about what it would be like, it's just a dream. Because I realise now more than ever, that I can't have my cake and eat it too. No one can. And as time goes on, we will always be loved by some and hated by others. And whether the people who talk bad about you know it or not, they really save you from obscurity every time they mention your name. You see, anytime anybody ever talks about you, either directly or indirectly; they put a quarter in your immortal meter. They keep you alive, whether they want to or not. They practically do the opposite of what they wanna do, which is forget you. I dedicate this song to the day when you muthaf**kas finally figure it out. And the day that you bury me, and erase the memory of me. Here lies a man, who became forgotten to the world in his search for the key to immortality. He never made an impact, he changed nothing, and his words meant nothing. He never contributed to the rap game; he never gave you anything to talk about. He never existed and never made a difference. His name was nobody.Canibus Lyrics Index

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