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Cam'ron - White girls lyrics

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White girls by Cam'ron

[Cam'Ron: Intro]
Lemme tell you about my wifey real quick......
Had her wifed up........that's what's in and sh*t ya dig?
[Cam'Ron: Verse 1]
Yo she took me out my stinkin' aces, to the pinkest bracelet
Basics to basics, no way you could think I'm racist
Got a white girl, tell you that she's quite thorough
Borough to borough, flew me through this white world (from what?)
From Columbia, then she moved to Canada
Now she live in Harlem, writing, you could say I manage her
Met her in '90, jayvel was the damager ??
I wasn't understanding her, that nigga was a fan of her
That was confusing her, he was abusing her
That wasn't new to her, bought me a Luger brah'
Of course of course, never had intercourse
Of course of course, without her wouldn't of been a boss
I would flip for my mama, got me getting my commas (get it?)
Paid for my 1st va-ca, a trip to Bahamas (YES!)
Swam in the ocean, I was dishin' pirannas
That's my girl girl, yup, so give her some honor
Poppa had a dream
Poppa had a dream
Poppa had a dream
Ooooooh, yes he diiiiiid
[Cam'Ron: Verse 2]
My pride and joy, I call her butter
When she bake a cake, we'll be lovers
She live with me right, I hide her from my mother
See she wouldn't understand I'm supplyin the gutta
I let my baby hang outside with the brothers
Come back, cake on the bed the size of the covers
Shot 5 with a sucka, another 5 with a trucker
Took a hit without paying, won't get a dime for my butter
That's my holy ma-momma, second only to 'ganja
But I did watch her, played Tony Montana
Here's a queeeeeelo, yep she'll be back
For them peso's, yep she'll be crack
Rocks so bright, money so right
I got 7 workers, she's Snow White
And you know the steez, I met the ocean breeze
Killa Cam hand to hand with Cocoa Leafs
AND, and it's.........IT'S THEM BOYS
AND, and...........DON'T BE SHY
FA'SHO, DIPSET...............LET'S RIDE
[Cam'Ron: Verse 3]
McGoo said that the bird's the word
But the fur byrd gang flip bird's on curbs
And, it's ya homey thunny, I got a pony dummy
Phoney's clone me, calm down I'm only money
Like Prince Akee, you the servant semi
Living Martin's dream as I burn a hemi
Not concerned with many, got my girl here
When it come to money, sh*t I'm burning plenty
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