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Callahan - When Morning Comes lyrics

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When Morning Comes by Callahan

There she stands pretty dainty in bows
Make-up eludes but the cracks, they still show
Do they know?
Tell me why you hide that diamond ring
A stale teen age romance only seventeen
Does he know?
If youve got the time
I'll bring regret,
You bring the limes
When the winds of change bring on the pourin' rain
I'll do with out you
I'm fine without you
As the storms blow by
With a tired sigh I'll think about you
That's the price I pay for every day you stayed
So tell me something about that teenage romance
Three words to replace you if he gets the chance girl
Two more weeks and this one's over
Since summer has come he's got you reminiscing
Under the bleachers, your lips pressed against his
Was it ever worth it?
It was damn near perfect,
But I can't make you stay
Let's be patient
Times a wastin'
It's not quite right but we get by
One more time
I know you know that
Two of us knew we couldn't
Dance all night
Is it worth the risk to take the chance
To stay the night and skip the dance
Or will it be the same when morning comes?

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