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California Redemption - Religion for dummies lyrics

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Religion for dummies by California Redemption

You see them on street corners, handing bibles to kids.
Giving the kids a chance; to turn into machines,
to live their lives the
throwing their minds back a couple thousand years.
You see them on TV, asking for your cash.
Fifteen percent of your income will keep you out of hell.
Just send it in cash or check, or even credit card.
Now those asses have enough to buy their fancy cars.
You fall in love and you find out your religions aren
Your parents give you sh*t; now you
Why should that matter? We are all the same.
Make up your own rules and live your life that way.
They tell you what to think. They tell you what to do.
They take your money without shame and tell you who to screw.
Do you think it
We don
We have our friends and have our ways, we
It seems like such a waste of time, try to save your life
from God
If you
Look around, think for yourself and seek out the truth.
Remember that this is my life; you do what you wanna do.
But when you force your ideals on me you

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