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Caleb Lionheart - Postcards From Scotland lyrics

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Postcards From Scotland by Caleb Lionheart

Morning came early you know we're sleeping in again
Last night ended right where this morning began
And you ask if we can be together apart from a drinking binge
Baby, two's a crowd even without the dehydration.
And the lights are on down Madison, the skirts are getting short
But we just laugh, and run right past cuz even if they ask
You don't have to show off to "get yours."
No, no, no, no, no.
If your body were a canvas the masterpiece I could create
If your body were a canvas I'd let my fingers smear the paint
Get under your skin like the tattoos that line your frame
Or cover all your walls with maps and allow you to show me the way to your heart.
We folded revolutions out of paper and took the time to see them fly
But I wonder if we'll ever tire of revealing truths in plain view to the blind
Only for them to blindly pass them by.
You fly the flag of rebellion each and everywhere you go
But you've spent the better part of two yours in your cold bed alone
Is there any rebel yell left in the rasp in your voice?
Or is this "just a beer and not a lifestyle choice." You tell me honey!
And our friends, they all keep f**king up
But we wouldn't give them up for the world
Cuz the records we keep playing wouldn't sound half as good
Without all of you screaming every word.
Well, are you screaming?
Because you know I'm screaming!
You don't need to send me postcards from Scotland
Even if I'm alone in my apartment
Just stay up late, alone with me watching documentaries
And usher me into a false state of enlightenment
Here's to booze and here's to conversation
Here's to booze and here's to conversation
Sit back, relax, the next stop's Pennsylvania Station.
Here's to booze and here's to conversation.

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