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Phaedra Lyrics

by By A Thread


Phaedra Song Lyrics

Phaedra by By A Thread

By myself,
I wanna be here,
For you to hold,
Left alone I feel the pain,
Take me away,
And I dream of the day,
I found you once,
I found you once again,
All the feelings you wanted to share,
But they were too much for you,
I found you once,
I found you once...
By myself,
Will fall to the floor,
And feel no pain,
Underline what's mine,
You take no more,
Well come again,
Someday's lost...
Someday's lost...
Someday's lost...

The weakness,
Is killing,
The weakness,
The weakness killed me...

Running for my own sake,
Can't seem to get this straight,
I'm alone,
I'm alone,
I'm alone...

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