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Politika revoluccionaire Lyrics

by Burning Tree Projekt


Politika revoluccionaire Song Lyrics

Politika revoluccionaire by Burning Tree Projekt

Take my hand let's run away
We can leave everything behind
We can stop wasting so much time
Continuing to wither away with this world
I yearn for another place, I know one day we'll find
I need another place to find

Someone tell me
A way out, away now, scream and shout, hear me now
Something's changing
Face to face with this world, out of place in a rage
All this hating
It's draining in my veins, erupting into flames
Time is wasting
It won't last, all so fast, in my reach, I can't have

I don't care about, what set or hood you're from
I need clarity cuz I'm running from the sun
So stop burning me with these politics and fronts
The world can't hold us down

It'll be okay
It'll be just fine
It'll be alright, you'll find
Nothing they can say, nothing they can do
Will ever bring us down cuz of what we’ve found in you

Quit replacing…
A life worth walked
With a life so lost
Start by facing…
All the death
All the shame
All the murder
All the pain
Needless drama…
Ruin my thoughts
Running me down
Leaving me lost
Letting me rot
What’s the problem?
It’s not me
Has to be
Could it be
It’s never me

All the cramps
Clamping to my soul
Let them flow with the wind
Never seen again,
Revealing the putrid and the pride of this place
Feeding on the pain
The beating, the bleeding is falling from my veins

So remember

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