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Autumn Lyrics

by Burning Tree Projekt


Autumn Song Lyrics

Autumn by Burning Tree Projekt

You move, faster than I can speak
And you talk, faster than I can walk

What can I say
What can I do
Someday, I know you'll feel the same

You're holding on for something else
I can see it when you tell yourself
You tell yourself there's nothing else
But deep inside I know that you care

Our treasures are trapped in my thoughts
It's tragic and it's hard to manage maintaining
As each day passes, more time is lost
In this loneliness, wishing for a glimpse
An everlasting second,
To visualize your presence,
Many voices that are echoing through the distance
Deceiving my dreams draining my hope
Holding on to the remaining memories
Memorize through the passes of time
But still focus forward, even though it's hard
Not to rewind.

Endlessly tired
Soughting the boundaries
Bounded to this vast void so violently obscured
Phantom winds blow
Fragments of the enigma across the ground
Deserted in the desolation of yourself being
The answer to understanding
Is nowhere to be found
Drunken by the poison judgment
Leading you, instructing you
An intuition placing you in every situation
You stand alone in the Four Corners of yourself
Being endlessly tired

I know that you care
Please care

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