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Buried Dreams - Remorse lyrics

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Remorse by Buried Dreams

[Lyrics: Valdespino]
[Music: Valdespino]
I think I've been mistaken
On my phatetic way of being
since that I have
No where to run no where to hide
So now I have to defend myself
With a special guarantee
My future is expecting
I have to end it all right now
Searching and waiting
Though all these lost years
There's nothing but
some pictures-illusions
How can I wait for hope?
when it comes like a rope
to my neck, to my being
Nothing but shapless thoughts
Too much heat inside
Blinded moves, fear of wrath
So here I stand
Lika a ghost sculped in time
who can be my guide?
Someone in front of my
He knows about my silent destiny
I feel anguish
I'm riding the tomb of the gods
[Solo Ndua]
When the night fall
His shining eyes reinforce
The lip's warm smile
It was an image of that
Secure, peaceful and quitness
Like a beauty extension
The silence, the call have some gloom
Everything is so peacefull
That I feel buried in a sea of stone
The atmosphere is shrinking
But the sun falls
And the moon grows
It's getting cold
All I can hear are dark symphonies
All I can see is some white light
At the moment I hear a dirge for me
I'm Walking my last steps alive
It's seems I'm sick
Of a pain with no cure
Beyond the fear
Trough loneliness I walk
Holding the stone
With my shrapened teeth
[Solo Tono]
Searching and waiting....
[Solo Ndua]
That's death
Finally I've reached
The land of death surrounds me
By trying
Not Dying
Just about the time I leave
And after all I've said
There's nothing more I care about
but my last will
But at least I have
the strenght to face it
I give a hand to death
With brightness on my eyes
I feel there's nothing more
inside of me
But I will smile
When I die!!!

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