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Noseplugs Lyrics

by Bumblefoot


Noseplugs Song Lyrics

Noseplugs by Bumblefoot

I could never be unkind
Easy words are hard to find
Let me give it one good try
God, I think that something crawled in your mouth and

Whatever it was
It died from an unnatural cause
Virus helps it decompose
I'll from a septic drainage pipe while roaming a

I smell you from a mile away
I see how you peel the paint
I can see the fragile faint
The architecture of society has a crack

And you break it down
The hills turn to flattened ground
I can hear the sirens sound
Heavy breathers run for cover the other way

It's a good thing grandpa hung onto that old bomb
Even though the cold war ended,
It's intended use is to protect the masses

Stomach acid on your breath

You taste like kissing death
The garlic soap you bought worked well
To cover the smell of ol' Assy Pickins

Knocking down your door
Making babies on your floor
Killing daisies down the hall
I know that you never thought he would
Come back and be your side kick

Driving 'long side in a Wildwood tram car but no one
Can see him
But you, and you defy physics when you go to movie
And you insist on two tickets, and you have him sit
Next to you
In a seat that someone sits in, but they move when you
Talk to him

(Thank God for the Mod Squad so you had a hairstyle to
Assign him,
Though it may be slightly dated that's ok cause you
Accept him
As is, as is, as is, as is...

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