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Dummy Lyrics

by Bumblefoot


Dummy Song Lyrics

Dummy by Bumblefoot

Shoo fly outta my sty go away and don't
Relay no g'by-by-bye', just wanna get
On with a real thing, like it but don't need it if you
Give it just to get back more for you

And I was ticking my tock but you say you rather
Get dickin' with my dock, you're lookin' for a
Free ride on my time, steppin' on my good side
Played me let you get your way, let you on top

You stabbed me in the back
Stuck your arm in the hole
Put your hand in my head
Kept me in your control
You sat me on your lap
Took my freedom of choice
You opened up my mouth

Made me talk with your voice

And I looked like the dummy
And I looked like the dummy
But I was really you
But I was really...

Mr. Fatsuit never looked like you
Tell me why you think I gotta live it like you
By your rules smile like fools never ask
Why nothing in it for me, cause you set it all for you

Your way got you where you are, my way
Gonna get me twice far. You don't wanna be
Surpassed, outclassed, but you know you won't last, so
Bite my lip till I say that you're on top

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