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Buck 65 - The Outscirts lyrics

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The Outscirts by Buck 65

Young and attractive
Quote unquote old soul
Down in a cold hole
Playing my controlled roll
The world is mine good and bad
I never sleep, Odd charms
Firetrucks and squad cars, struggling in God's arms
Tempted and restless, blood in my arteries
Floods in the armouries
Drugs are a part of me
Circus in fun time, surface in sunshine
Brush your teeth, don't believe
So much darkness underneath
Parties and funerals, nurseries and graveyards
Lotteries, robberies an old couple plays cards
Company, visitors, frequency, rise on,
Weekends, a sequence of secrets and lies
Oddities, prodigies, fireworks, parades for me
Same story, all my decisions are made for me
Reading from loose leaf, mislead and seduce me
I'm so full of love and bleeding profusely
Concrete and steel I remember these drums
A chill in the air, in september she comes
Pretty and sad, trying not to cry, trying not to cry so, pretty and so sad
These are my telephone poles, my dark trenches, my broken windows, my park benches
Raccoons and back rooms, giants and small children's, glitter in traffic
The outlines of tall building still in self defence I kill.
Yes I will, If they make me do things against my will
Some make fun of what I wear, and cut my hair
Goblins and problems I've got my share
I bitch and complain, and I admit that it's strange
Parts of my self that I wish I could change
Insecurities, complexes, x's and marking spots
Complicated beauty of abandoned buildings and parking lots
Market thoughts and impulses, rebellion and upheaval
Tribal indescribable pleasure in such evil
Review the proof, crime is going through the roof,
Accuse the youth.
You'd puke if you knew the truth
Refrain x2
Love me once again
(Voice) indistinguishable

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