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Bubba Sparxx - She tried lyrics

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She tried by Bubba Sparxx

Uh yeah
Good Lord
God have mercy on my soul
Verse 1:
I love her, but ya never would know
There by the way I just let my girl go
Wit tears in her eyes
From the year & the lies
She backed on up & dissapeared out the drive
Wait, hey, what can I say?
All we had means nothin today
I did my thang & she did hers
But my crimes are a wee bit worse
& now I'm sittin here all alone wit my gift
Just me & the dogs, & the home that we built
It was Andy's & hers even though Bubba bought it
But Bubba wouldn't leave just like her motha called it
From the pink, on into the blue flames
God forgive me for causin u pain
All it was ain't no more
Cuz my baby's gone & when it rains, it pours
She tried to tell me
I needed to be strong
I wasn't listenin
& now my baby's gone
Verse 2:
1 for the pleasure, 2 for the sin
3 for the family, we coulda been
Had I not been so concerned
With this life no spoken words
Couldn't begin to undo whats done
Deep within I know that u must run
Far away from the thought of my smile
& the broken dream of us walkin that aisle
I first saw Betty & my nanny right charred
The press were the best & her pannies.. My Lord
A fly country-girl just workin them "Gets"
She's my queen, is a virgin I guess
But I ain't never ask & I ain't never tell
But Betty had the cash at the time I went to jail
& how did I reward her loyalty?
Let her walk in 2 see the joy on me
Hook x1
Verse 3:
Its been 6 months & still no word
I try 2 carry on like it still don't hurt
Hoes comin round but I still won't flirt
Drankin is worse, & the pills don't work
Last I heard, she was in Birmingham
Livin wit, a good hard workin man
& lookin back on it, that's exactly what she wanted
Not a rebel, but a passion for tha moment
I live for the fiddle & a kick in the snare
I take my love & I stick it in there
Moved it gently & made this song
All because, my baby's gone
Hook x1

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