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Brutality - Spawned Illusion lyrics

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Spawned Illusion by Brutality

[Music: Acres, Gates, Fernandez]
[Lyrics: Coker]
Ritual not a sin
Spawned decay
Bow to thou
On your knees
Does exist
Conquer me
You'll survive
I will crush
Rotting life
Engless vision
At dawn they rise
Out of hell
To torture me...
Drained of life...
Leave me now...
To suffocate...
End is near or is it
The beginning of time
I've been lured unto
The gates of hell
Your guts I rip
The land I rule
Binded by the mark
Thrown into
Pit of fire
Blood I drool
Biting on decay
At dawn they live
Coming back from
The darkness
Crawling through
A spawned illusion
In the night of the dark sky
They rise...
Gathered around
The carcass
Slowly death
No release for you
Can be found

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