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Always Near (for Ian)

by Brutal Attack


Always Near (for Ian) Song Lyrics

Always Near (for Ian) by Brutal Attack

Now I stand alone, I hear the wind in the trees
And as I listen I hear your voice on the breeze.
Saying Ken don't you fall along the path we chose,
Remember everyone who cames eventually has to go.

This loss I fell is on so great,
The death of my brother is so very hard to take.
I remember the good times oh so clear,
And I know your strength is always near.

Now some say absense makes the heart grow fonder,
But, sometimes I just sit here crying an I wonder.
Why life is so unfair + the good die oh so young,

And no one can tell me why I wasn't the one.

Your memory will never be allowed to fade,
We will continue the struggle on which your life was
I don't know all the answers, but I will stand up true,
And in all of my actions Ian, I will think of you.

Now please watch over me, and guide my hand,
So I do what is right while I fight for my land.
Steer me save along our patch to destiny,
To the ultimate goal + we are all free.

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