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Brown Eyed Girls - Obsession lyrics

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Obsession by Brown Eyed Girls

Oh ireul eojjeoni
Tto jami an oni
Niga deureowasseo
Neo eodieseo wassni
Wonrae isseosseossni
Nal jom naebeoryeo dwo
Leave me leave me
Da sseuldeeopsneun fantasy, curiosity
Oh nal heundeureo nohji ma
Release me leave me
Meorissoge chan melody, philosophy
Oh nal gajigo nolji ma
Oh mijiui segye
Kkumnararo wassni
Geunyang chakgagini
Wae nan al suga eopsni
Mamdaero andoeni
Jebal ireoji ma
Maeil bam jamdeulgi jeon
I see the lightt,
I see a lot of visions
I got a feeling
It’t not real but illusions
But I know for sure
I can’t escape from you
Cause I’m so obsessed with you
I won’t care about you
So you, please stop
Ireoji ma nal bonaejwo

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