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Bro'Sis - It's alright with me lyrics

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It's alright with me by Bro'Sis

Brothers and sisters
I gotta ask you all somethin'
Question, do you know what to say
When you see somebody special
You wanna get with it
But you just don't have words for it
So take this on, put it in the next player
Wing, look at the person and say…
It's alright
Alright alright
Whatever it is you're doin'
I don't want it to stop
Wherever it is we're goin'
Like it a lot
Baby this is where
We both have no fear
When we kiss goodnight (we kiss for the first time)
Drowning in our own silence
You don't know what to say
I know what you're thinkin'
If I'll see you again
There's no questioning if I feel the same
So I'll show you now (the way that I feel)
You don't have to wait while I think it over
I already know, baby I have the answer
It's alright if you make a move
Up real close like I want you to
Bring your lips to mine
Baby take your time
It's alright with me (it's alright, it's alright, alright, alright, alright)
It's okay if you wanna call
If my kisses leave you wanting more
If you really believe I'm the one you need
It's alright with me (it's alright baby)
I know it's a game we're playin'
Tell me what happens next
Nothin you do or say
You can't take back
So let's go it slow
Baby then we'll know (oh oh)
If our feelings change (baby then we'll know)
We still got tonight this moment to breathe
Just you and I tomorrow you will see
It's alright if you…
Baby baby
Take it slow
Promise you I won't tell you no
Baby baby
You will see
It's alright with me
We still got tonight this moment together
Just you and I, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon surrender
It's alright if you…Bro'Sis Lyrics Index

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