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Broken Society - Big brother lyrics

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Big brother by Broken Society

Cuff me up, lock me down, toss me in your huge compound,
Whatever it takes it doesn't matter to me
I'm not free will never be i need someone to live for me
I need your chains to set me free
I'm a clone, not on my own, can't help but feel all alone
When my all my thoughts are decided for me
Dont want it free, in it for me, why is it so hard to see
I need your guidance, my freedom's the fee
They can't see just what i mean since i began to watch this screen
Big Brother takes care of my problems for me
They think alike and when they strike they'll remind me of the reich
They think they're better with no guarantee
I dig my head in the sand without a friend in demand
My life is now dead lost at sea
Now i wonder now what to do when big brother's reign is through
Who will present me with my rightful decree?
There's only one thing i can think to say
hold my hand
I'll never ever live for today
hold my hand
People think i'm brainwashed no way
hold my hand
I just want to live so that you may

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