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Brodie - Crazy Night lyrics

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Crazy Night by Brodie

We were having a party at my house
Everyone was drinking and being loud
And she came up to me
"Hey Bo I don't think that I should drive
Do you think it would be alright
If I stayed over?"
Well I didn't think about it twice
Cause this girl has been my friend for life
"Of course you can stay over"
So I just kept on partying
And I didn't think about it again
Until I went to my bedroom
And then she kissed me
She wants to spend the night with me
She is my friend how can this be
She wants to risk it all
Just to be with me
She is my best friend
This can't be happening
She looks so beautiful
What's a guy to do?
When your very best friend
Wants to spend the night with you
Well I woke up worried the next day
I didn't want to lose my friend this way
I wish that I had dreamed it all
I rolled over and looked into her eyes
And then I finally realized
What she had known for years
That I am in love with her
She is my friend but now she's so much more
Well I should have known
What she knew from the start
She waited all these years
Just to win my heart
And I'm no longer scared
Cause I can finally see
And it's all because
She spent the night with me

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