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Broadways - What happened? lyrics

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What happened? by Broadways

i hardly recognize this place i used to call it my home
now it's filled with so many strip malls
and wendys and sh*tty mcdonalds
and all the houses look the same
all the people look the same
what happened to my park it looks like a plastic prison
how are the girls and boys ever gonna have fun?
they said it was cheaper this way
but what's more important than children?
all the parks look the same
all the children look the same
can't you see what they've done to us?
they've cloned and reproduced us
made us into f**ked up machines
stole our imagination. take off the blind fold
i work from 9 to 5 from 6 to 10 i watch tv
there's millions of others like me
ask yourself how can i be a man?
just be yourself, please
just be yourself, please

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