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Bring Me The Horizon - BMTH8 lyrics

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BMTH8 by Bring Me The Horizon

I know my heart won’t go
My heart won’t live this time
I don’t wanna hate, but I’m staring down the face
The grass was never greener, it was all a deep fake
I scare myself, I scare myself
I scare myself, I scare myself, oh no, sometimes
I scare myself
You know it’s sad but true
How you use me to keep the dark out
And the devil at bay
But I can’t keep you safe
I refuse to heal your bruises
‘Cause I keep giving in and
And you just take, I’m done with being [?]
I can be your lover
I can be your ghost
I think we are doing some mad sh*t to earth
And [?] of the stars
No, there’s nowhere left to hide
I’m a f**kin moron
I hate myself right now
Jump jump jump jump ju-ju-ju-yeah
Pass the flask, ’cause I’m bathing in blood
Will be the ones in your stomach as you march towards your death
Please tell me why
With a foot in the grave
Don’t tell me what I’m missin’
I’ve been using again
Please tell me why
I wanna jump off a bridge
And go sleep with the fish
Please tell me why
I wanna burn everything
I’m sorry, did my back hurt your knife?
Please remain calm
The end has arrived
Nothing can save you
Enjoy the ride
Don’t call it a warning
This is a war
Please remain calm
The end has arrived
This is the moment
You’ve been waiting for
Life is a prison
I got my eye on the door
This ain’t a warning
Ugh this is a war
It’s the Parasite Eve
Leave your flowers and grieve
Don’t forget what they told you
If the suspense doesn’t kill you
Something else will
Remember the lockdown
The world is not safe anymore
Remember this moment
You can board up your windows
Bolt up your doors
But you can’t wash your hands
Of this sh*t anymore / of this bullsh*t not more
When all the king’s sources
And all the king’s friends
Don’t know their asses
From their pathogens
When life is a prison and death is a door
That ain’t a warning

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