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Why Oh Why Lyrics

by Bright Ophidia


Why Oh Why Song Lyrics

Why Oh Why by Bright Ophidia

She sees blue and red on the crown she wears upon her head.
I love you he said, her husband she recently wed.
She dreams this while she's wide awake.

Counting her diamond rings,
She has one for every day of the week.
Birds are dancing while she sings
Oh her dream life, it is so unique,
And I hope this stops for her own sake.

And if you could make this happen,
I would not be suprised.
Make life what I'm dreaming, all in just one night.

Then why oh why can't I?

Golden yellow skies, an image of her in my eye.
Growing trees and firefly's,
And answers to the question "why?"

People twice my size, and all the times for second tries.
We heard you on the radio, oh it feels so good just to let go.
If you could make the oceans, and live above the skies,
Wake the sun for morning and light the moon at night.

Then why of why can't I?

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