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Friends For Lovers Lyrics

by Bright Ophidia


Friends For Lovers Song Lyrics

Friends For Lovers by Bright Ophidia

I've mistaken friends for lovers today
As if it was normal anyway
I fell for acting like she wanted to stay
Turning love into hate, but in a good way
You've been acting like a real person today
Taking peoples hearts and throwing them away
You will tell me that you really wanted to stay but I
Know you didn't that's what they all say

If this is the answer
What is the question
It's getting faster
Everyone's rushing

And when we sing this song
The whole world will sing along
We'll be singing
We are the answer and we're going nowhere

How crazy can crazy get when
There is nothing to call normal like before
Maybe you should find what to believe in
Hate isn't your true love anymore
I see the way you're acting lately
You'd never know it but you're standing at the door
You never trust enough to make your own mind
I'm not making it up for you make it up

Now is not the time for old bad news
It's almost over what's left to lose
By tomorrow we will be somewhere brand new
So just do what your music tells you to

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