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Cops And Robbers Lyrics

by Bright Ophidia


Cops And Robbers Song Lyrics

Cops And Robbers by Bright Ophidia

Temper, temper!
She's not fighting, but her pulse is saying otherwise.
They couldn't find her heartbeat,
When you knocked her off her feet.
Death walked grinning with his broken wings,
And pointing fingers at the chosen ones.
I've never met him, but the dead have met him once.

The only thing left in you is a skeleton,
Oh no you did it again.
Just give a little laughter,
How you gonna stop us now?

Cops and robbers, side by side,
Calling, "how we gonna stop this."
Was it ever worth it?
You won't need your guns for this.

We've been listening to music,
We'll have them by somewhere safer,
(We'll never use it),
Somewhere else.

Love, your love, your love is finding itself sort of enough,
For us to put us back together.

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