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Brentalfloss - Ducktales: The Amazon lyrics

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Ducktales: The Amazon by Brentalfloss

You are by far the wealthiest duck in Duckburg (Woo-ooh)
I'm sure you could afford to rename it "suck-turd"
You're the one percent, you don't need adventure, stay home!
(You're prone to the unknown, but don't roam, stay home)
Hey where ya goin', wait a sec!
You really don't need any more treasure, dude
You're so f**kin' rich
Bill Gates is your b**ch whenever you're in the mood
What the f**k, Scrooge McDuck?!
What kinda quack are you on?
Outfitting your mules to go lookin' for jewels in the Amazon
I'm not kidding around, man
You're too old for this
Hey, come back here!
Blood diamonds do not make you a forest ranger (Woo-ooh)
Those bugs and snakes you're murdering, they're endangered
You're a threat to this fragile ecosystem, go home!
(All alone in the tropic zone, pack up your stones and go home)
Hey where ya goin', wait a sec!
You'll sh*t your diaper climbin' up jungle vines
I said stay away from the Himalayas or the African mines, oh-oh
Your bank account's got large amounts but your brain's plain overdrawn
You're hallucinatin' ice cream and cake in the Amazon
I said what the f**k, Scrooge McDuck, what kinda quack are you on?
No matter how much cash you plow, you'll never turn into a swan
But you're crazy and old, so you're gonna keep looking for gold
In the Amazon!
Well, at least it's not the moon

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