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Calm Before the Storm Lyrics

by Brandt Paul


Calm Before the Storm Song Lyrics

Calm Before the Storm by Brandt Paul

Your blue eyes looked so peaceful
While the storm raged on in me
The tears filled up my eyes and now I finally see
I've been livin' high and mighty
But now I'm at an all-time low
Now I'm reaching out to hold you
As you turn to go
I should've been more careful
I should've seen the signs
While all was calm, I guess
I should've read between the lines
So, now I'm standin' in the cold, hard rain
Instead of with you safe and warm
A fool who took your love for granted
So, I'm standin' here alone
I've never felt like this before
Can't believe my heart's been broken
Just like waves against the shore
I could always love and leave them
I was the first one out the door
I can't get used to the idea
Not being with you anymore
A fool who took you love for granted
In the calm before the storm

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