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Music Video

You Are A Liar Lyrics

by Brad Passons


You Are A Liar Song Lyrics

You Are A Liar by Brad Passons

(Verse One)
Go ahead get your self away from me.
'Cause I found that you were right,
When you said you don't deserve me.
I don't care what you want me to believe.
Just get away from me...
'Cause you are a liar.
'Cause you are a liar.
'Cause you lied to me.
Well you are a liar
And you are a liar
And you always been, always been. [?]
(Verse Two)
Well I never meant to hurt you
But I'm kinda glad I did.
'Cause you knew from the beginning
That it was all about to end.
(Repeat Chorus)
Because I held your hands
And I kissed your lips
And you swore that there was nothing more than us
And now, Every thing that you wanted,
Was a, Every thing that you wanted
(Repeat Chorus 3x)
And you are always gonna be.

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