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Just Love Me (Freestyle)

by B-Project


Just Love Me (Freestyle) Song Text

Just Love Me (Freestyle) by B-Project

Yo Nessa I miss you
Yo yo wait
Yo you know I'm down right now
I don't when I don't know how
I just feel it and maybe I loose it
Aren't maybe you don't know it
Damn chick I don't know what I gotta say
Maybe I'll just leave and lay
You know what I'm saying
No maybe your not
Maybe your a mudafuckin punk
Nessa yeah I'm talking to you hoe
Come on take my hand and mudfuckin let's go
I don't wanna diss you I don't wanna fuckin piss
U I just wanna kiss you
Come on I need a hug u know
I don't need a fuckin love come on
I don't need no drug
So you can find me in da club
File and full of bottles
Nah nah aint 50 cent bitch
Is the mudafuckin seb... the pimp
With jesus in the fuckin studio
You know what I'm saying
Come mr j spit it down cuz we goin to the radio
So lay down in the mudafuckin piano
Yeah, yeah come on this is freestyle dawg
You can't get it you can't get it u know that
Cause youcant get it da mudafuckin automatic
But your just another hoe on my planet
Come on Mr J is me and you yo
So slay the piano


Nessa this few words gonna be for ya
You know cause I miss ya
I know your don't give a fuck fobia
But come on I really do
And chick fuck your bitch ass crew
Cause you know the only person that I really matter for
Is you... not the other whore
I know I fucked up
Come on I just tryna get up
Cause right know I feeling the fuckin sadness
I don't know how to say it
Maybe I don't know how to show it

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