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Voyager Lyrics



Voyager Song Lyrics

Voyager by Boygenius

[Intro: Dacus & Baker]
Mmm, mmm

[Verse 1: Bridgers, Dacus & Baker]
It's a hundred and three in the Valley
Blacktop is meltin' on our shoes (Mmm)
And I don't mean to make it all about me (Mmm)
But I used to believe no one could love you like I do (Mmm)
And I'm startin' to think that it might be impossible not to (Mmm)

[Verse 2: Bridgers, Dacus & Baker]
There are days spent tangled up together (Mmm)
And sometimes, you let me read your mind (Ooh)
Then there are nights you say you don't remember
When you stepped on the gas and you asked if I'm ready to die (Mmm)
You thought I'd never leave and I let you believe you were right (Mmm)

[Verse 3: Bridgers, Dacus & Baker]
Walkin' alone in this city
Makes me feel like a man on the moon (Ooh)
Every small step I took was so easy (Mmm)
But I never imagined a dot quite as pale or as blue (Ooh)
You took it from me, but I would've given it to you (Mmm)

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