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Bones Brigade - Running On Empty lyrics

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Running On Empty by Bones Brigade

Is this a dream or am I awake?
I pull myself into a smile, but you know I'm a fake
Drained from living because I'm constantly giving
These feeding hands are bitten and feel so constricting
Here comes the sun like a five knuckled kiss
When day breaks me and my pillow reminisce
Stay up all night, somebody shut me off
Another day on no sleep I'll give it all that I've got
I'm closing doors in the face of everyone who cares
Haven't seen sunlight in days
This isn't how I wanted it to be
What am I becoming?
Running on empty!
They say this way of life is a sign of depression
A way to an early grave, well maybe that's my mind's intention
It plays tricks on me, tests me how to be
Puts a mirage in front of life, I rub my eyes but I can't see
Are you out there? well I'm in here
In my head I hear voices but nobodies there
I've totally lost touch, I've fallen under a curse
I'm a brain-dead apparition forced to wander the earth
Running on empty!
I can't feel my fingers, I can't feel my toes,
I'm consciously sedated and nobody knows
The troubles I've seen, the place I've been,
I'm losing myself to a life of bad breams
Running on empty!

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