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The Saw Is Family

by Bone Gnawer


The Saw Is Family Song Text

The Saw Is Family by Bone Gnawer

Those who slay together stay together
That's the rule that keeps us safe
We care for one another because we're brothers
Even though we're filled with rage
Our nicknames are terms of endearment
Chop-Top Cook and Leatherface
No one can ever separate us
We always will be this way
It started with Gramps back in the good ol' days
In the slaughterhouse he made his trade
"One-Hit Charlie" was his name
With a single whack out came the brain
Killing's our business, killing's our way
The skill with the saw, to cut and slice
Now that's what makes it all right

The saw is family (it's in our name! )
The Sawyer family (they call us insane! )

The saw is family (it's our way of life! )
The Sawyer family (we live by the slice! )

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