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Defleshed And Skinned Lyrics

by Bone Gnawer


Defleshed And Skinned Song Lyrics

Defleshed And Skinned by Bone Gnawer

Defleshed and skinned!

Cut her open, spill her guts through her cunt
Drain her blood, poke out her eyes just for fun

Defleshed and skinned!
The way he likes 'em to be
This is how he preserves their beauty!
Pierce her ass with a knife, not his dick
Slice her open from the back because he's sick!

Defleshed and skinned!
Is the thing he likes to do
He'll make and wear a female skin-suit!

Defleshed and skinned!

Defleshed and skinned!
Is the way he makes them right
With the best pieces of their parts!
He'll stitch 'em together so nice

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