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Boaz - Mathematics lyrics

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Mathematics by Boaz

Yeah, it's mathematics, yeah
Been huntin' in 65 days outta the year
Neva catch a nigga often square
They notice me from they TV
Stop and then stare
Cartier frames, Gambier luggage
They luv it how I fog the tunes and rugby ruggeds
f**k it, park the Benz, swerve the bucket
Jump out on any block, my hand on my musket
Look how they did my nigga Dub last month
Just smoke one, didn't really know it'd be his last blunt
We talk about how niggas be hatin' now, we eatin'
Fightin' on the inside, say it's so deceivin'
A man must adapt from the seasons
Money or God, what you believe in?
What you hear now is more than anotha verse
Was born a gangsta, dammit, it's a bloody curse
My momma said show respect to mother earth
My poppa said always put yo rubber first
You can check the mathematics, my science is the highest speed of understandin'
I plan to put fertile seeds and land and expand like atom
The fertile seed of man
Look what I did with a couple G's and hand
Talkin' worldwide, overseas, Japan
London, Paris, Cairo, Singapore, Germany
Live a ill legacy, live for eternity
Foreva, providin' the game need providin'
I'm the product doctor to give this sh*t surgery
First I feel the beat from my beat to my head
My pin bled, it saw my picture like needle in threads
It be so clear that you can see me and stand
You can start feedin' yo stomach while feedin' yo head
Simple mathematics
Mathematics x6
(Verse 2)
I'm into addin' up, als calculatin'
They love to count the money, god, us rappers masons
Watch how we flip this sh*t on display
They say the niggas gettin' rich just to give it away
Nah, walk in the shoes of a poor little ghetto boy
Just a lil money is a whole 'notha can of glory
My project, shawty says she'll bag it for me
All week I had a kitchen like a laboratory
Not a block can function till the flag man wave
We gon' start construction
Master mason, mold the brick from clay
Cuz the life ain't nothin' but a math equation
Yeah, like 1 plus 1 equal 2, don't it?
That's why we on the corner with the stoop on it
Movin' big weight right there on the milk tray
Pop the top out just so we can ? on it
So how you got it crack like a jumpshot
Nigga, how you wanna stamp on a gunshot?
Welcome to the mind of a mobster
Gangsters multiply, dividin' then conquer
It's simple

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