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Boaz - Deal With It lyrics

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Deal With It by Boaz

You got a deal with it
Coming through the club got the entourage with me
Check the park alive we left the car garage empty
Sower this in Roma I bought the jar with me
Smoking freely in VIP, come get with me
All eyes in zona full of liar performers
Clockers for my chance the pocket size enormous
Gucci straight from flamers, cruising the same timer
We just tryin to meet our future baby mamas
Young rap niggas the party like rap stars
Swerving in the burbin watching out for the cop cars
Ain't nothing changed but the comin in the money stack
Back on the fly got the things doing jumping jacks
When I'm on this mike I'm too real with it
Real niggas never get haters gotta deal with it
When we up on stage turn it down
The real niggas are loving the haters gotta deal with it
When we come through the club and shut it down
The real niggas are lovin the haters gotta deal with it
Smash the gas is two hundred on the dash
The real nigga lovin the haters gotta deal with it
Real niggas feel it the streets, feel it the burbs
Love it trapper slash pack back rapper I need the nerves feel it
We earn school over jet takin we form willin
Get a break and break it down and serve it to your whole feelings
We ball hard all for a court, you could real bloomers touch your...
Start across the line and screamings
Too much sucks for your image
From the heart and independence heart that's why I'm independent
And I'm winnin just hit... I'm in a mission
I'm in the kitchen cooking up no intervention
Just staring different,
I need that Porsche panamara so I fight with you pot in my vision listen
Ride hard Michelin, die hard Bruce Willis
Then he ever baby mother come and listen in
Well expression well because we are on a mission from
Which part the feelin when I'm turn pie grippin in
Yeah fuck how our hater feelin, man 'cause I made a killer
In the essay watch how do a waiter's chillin
Fresh off the lies see the paper jets
Now they rap money and I'm round taking bags
That's why the hand gun got the extended Mack
I ain't coming over night, now nobody seeking smash
I ain't never give a fuck what nigga's had
Hate that we... see you nigga stare
So are you haters hate on
Why I play it play on, do me your favor nigga
Tell them haters we on, we on
I'ma spit it how I live, get it how I live
Nigga this is how I live
Come on

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