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Bloody Sunday - Total Immersion lyrics

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Total Immersion by Bloody Sunday

Multi billion dollar corporate
Media feeding us
All the lines
That we want to hear
We were all raised on the belief
That we would make it in this world
There's no reason for us to fear
I don't believe in those fairytales
Like the american dream
Where everyone wins
In the end
I've worked hard enough
And i've she'd my tears
Trying so hard but getting nowhere
How long will we go on
Living on comfort
And sloth
The hungry
Die in our streets
How long
Will we believe the hype
They feed
By heartless greed
Awaken sleeping proletariat
Who holds the key
To public outcry
And a change in public policy
We must believe that this can happen
If we strive to be
More conscious of effort
To be free
We must build a better life
If our children can survive
I can not
Stand by your side
And watch you
Add to the lie
It's time for
Us to take charge
This is our
Our call to arms
We must defend our way of life

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