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Kadath Lyrics

by Blood


Kadath Song Lyrics

Kadath by Blood

Unseen and polluted
They dwell on solitary places
Where the words were spoken
And the rites were howled to their time
Wind shatters with their voices
And earth murmured with it's conscience
They bend the forest and crush the city
But not forest, not city
Have seen the shattered fist
KADATH in cold desert have known them,
But who knows KADATH?
As a pestilential breath you should skill them
Their hand grips to your throat
But you are unable to see
KADATH their house is your house...
Now mankind rules
Where they've ruled in the past
But soon they'll conquer the land
Where mankind rules
Winter follows summer
And summer follows winter...
They'll wait with patience and might
Cause they'll reign here again!
KADATH KADATH in cold desert

[Eisen 9/92]

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