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Blockheads - Lord Of The Final Sin lyrics

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Lord Of The Final Sin by Blockheads

The night is fall, the moon is back, the ravens in the sky
I feel my heart hunger for a rest of life
The time I see, the end is near, I'm waiting for the sign
The paradise, our mother earth we left behind
From a kingdom up the clouds the rays of the sun shine on earh
And we feel stronger to fight again in the fields of the master of chaos
By the power of nature, from the deepest path in the wild forest
A new empire will arise with the majesty and glory of all times
Memories of sorrow, I want to forget
Slowly the sunrise will take me away
To the Lord of the final sin
The lord of the final sin, to help me rest
I hear the storm running wild, waiting to arise
To take revenge from all those twisted minds
My destiny I found it here standing on the fight
Between the side of darkness and the side of light
The empire finally grows, fighting against the evil forces
And the way to wisdom is now closer to be part of all of us
There is nothing to shame now because the nature is save from the mankind at all
We left behind the pain inside our minds and now we are free once again
[solo 1(Elbelman)]
[solo 2(Atxondo)]
Close your eyes, ride up on wisdom and open wide the gates of your heart
Dream the dream of a glorious freedom, I promise you that isn't so far away
Isn't so far away, that's the way.

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