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G.O.D. Lyrics

by Blind Lemon Jefferson


G.O.D. Song Lyrics

G.O.D. by Blind Lemon Jefferson

And I was just sittin' here, thinkin' how you'd console me
Oh, yeah when I was pissed and now you know,
Know how I like to see you run to me
Oh, but then they took you a long, long way away from me
Oh but now I'm blind, oh but you know, I can see yeah
A bit better than I could before
Before G.O.D. decided to go
Oh, no no no
Oh G.O.D. where'd you go? oh where'd you go? oh where'd you go?
I said G.O.D. where did you go? oh, where'd you go, oh, where'd you go?
And that's why I can't buy dog food for you no more
No more
No more

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