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Music Video

For Love And Failing Lyrics

by Bleed The Sky


For Love And Failing Song Lyrics

For Love And Failing by Bleed The Sky

I don't give a fuck
I'm not afraid of the worst
I'm the sheep who lost his way
Still looking for it everyday

I'll face neglect
Every curse you wish to throw at me
Without trying I would never fail
And I fell in love with failure

I can't see through your eyes
What do you see, a disgrace another lie
Today I'll start being perfect
Cut you open to expose your insides
Cut you open, expose your insides

I know I'm still counting scars
From everytime you cried
Cause I remember the first time you died
Tonight I want to bleed along with you
Here's to craving everything you do

And now I'm taking you on
And I'm taking you on
Cause I've got nothing left to prove to you
I've got nothing left to prove to you,
I've got nothing left to prove.

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