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Music Video

Confession Lyrics

by Bleed The Sky


Confession Song Lyrics

Confession by Bleed The Sky

Yesterday I reached my end
Now I'm watching you leave me
And today I feel sick
I hear voices now
This girl is killing
Her face was pale
She couldn't even she'd a single tear
Over my lifeless body
She doesn't realize because
She never loved me
Today I hate myself
Look what I've done to you
See what you've done to me
You sent me straight to hell
Now is this confession pointless
Was my love entirely useless?
She'll never know because I'm
Face down in the ground
Face down underground
Tonight I killed myself
They say a prayer standing over my body
Rusty casket, empty funeral
Is this confession pointless?
Was her love completely truth-less?
She doesn't care even now
That I'm gone
That night you left
That night I died
The air was cold
Fit for a brilliant suicide
The night was still
The night you left
Was the night I died.

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