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Nothing To Gain Lyrics

Artist: Blank Logic


Nothing To Gain Lyrics

Nothing To Gain by Blank Logic

Verse 1: Watching from a far,
wondering if you will take me back,
and I'm really sorry for all the tears I caused
those times I turned my back.
I made a mistake before,
it wont happen again, as long as your with me
I'm down on my knee's looking in your eye's,
praying you'll forgive me.

Chorus: So here I am,
with nothing to give but an old broken heart.
It's here I'll stand,
with nothing to gain & nothing to lose
but you.

Verse 2: It's funny how time drag's,
when your not around
when your not with me,
and in my house there's not a sound
'cause im crying on my bed.
mistake's in the past
don't let them last,
it's time to put them to rest now.
Time has shown me that I was wrong,
I hope you'll love me again.

Chorus: 1X

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