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Forgetting November Lyrics

by Blank Logic


Forgetting November Song Lyrics

Forgetting November by Blank Logic

Verse 1:
Another night, sitting outside by myself.
Thinking of you, pretending that you were in love with me.
And I know I'll probably never even have a chance.
It was stupid of me to think you want to be with someone who gave a damn.

I'm sick of being nice, doing what you want.
Just to hear you talk about him. When it's plain to everyone,
I am in love with you, and he screws everyone around him.
Verse 2:
Maybe it's not your fault, I just needed someone to blame for all my pain.
I hate my friends, I hate my family and I hate my job.

But you said you cared, that cold night in November,
When nobody was around.
You said that you love me but now you can't remember,
I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Chorus 2:
I pray I'll get over you, my heart is healing slowly, but not fast enough.
I pray I'll find someone new, someone who is lonely, someone is true.

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