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Blame Ella - Dont Go to the Dogs lyrics

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Dont Go to the Dogs by Blame Ella

I called you many times but you didn't answer the phone.
This makes me worry about you, I'm at a loose end.
You refuse to talk to anybody and to leave your house.
You drink a lot and pump up your sorrowful head with dope.
You told me that your man doesn't love you any more.
I couldn't believe it 'cause he's pampering you so much.
But he's leaving you alone too often, living his life without you.
Perhaps you're right with being unconcerned by him.
You don't know if he's got another woman. I don't think so.
He's probably as lonely as you are, lonely with you.
Your love has been chilled down as desert sand in the shadow.
You should quit this love that hurts you so much.
Forget what's been! Your life must go on without love!
Thumbs up and love yourself or you'll go to the dogs!
Don't go to the dogs! Don't go to the dogs!

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