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Black Oak Arkansas - Enchanting Chaos Of My Frozen Mind lyrics

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Enchanting Chaos Of My Frozen Mind by Black Oak Arkansas

And I came with my eternal wrath
When shadows reached, the light feared and recededÅÔ
From the sky came damnation with dark
In the uncertainty of time, with the formation of catastrophe
Their dreams turned virtually to nightmares
In the limitlessness of time, were they enslaved to all but vanish!
ÓÅa new epoch began;
Enchanting chaos of my frozen mind!
I gave them the catastrophe they can never even dream!
They were all doomed in vicious circle
In the sea of their own contradictions shall they vanish!
With patience waited I in hatred of ages
And now it's the epoch of my wrath!
Catastrophe occurred and ended:
They were drownedÅin their contradictions
VanishedÅwith their nothingness
DiedÅall alone
ÓI toast for the sky that light shan't ever rule again!

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