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Prequel To The Kult Lyrics

by Black Lodge


Prequel To The Kult Song Lyrics

Prequel To The Kult by Black Lodge

Sirens of the Apocalypse
Howl in the halls of the Void
Anthems of the Eclipse
Tunes of a world to destroy

Rage of the Armageddon
Blind Scylla of suffering
Devouring their cultures
Swallowing their gods

Their breed is sterile
Their temples are rusted
Worms blindly enjoying
Fake orgasms of ashes

Life astral
Challenge eternal

Democratisation of genocide
Annihilation of genes

Melting in Fire
Meaning of the Empire
Dawn of Fire
Sun is rising
Above the war fields
Nuclear Orgasm
Ocean of Fire
Flooding the nations
Devouring life
Cancelling evolution

Their thrones are fainting
Their idols are condemned
Worms desperately screaming
Their prayers are vain

All these visions appear
To the new Templars
Anticipate these aeons
This is the prequel
To the Nuklear Kult

Dusk of ashes
Sun is falling
Below the horizons
Toxic clouds
Contagious darkness
End of History

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