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Mission Lyrics

by Black Lodge


Mission Song Lyrics

Mission by Black Lodge

Back_to flesh
Re-injected in humans' web
A life, a bioshape, a will
Among Worms to carve His Action

Induced aim
A meaning for pain
Inducted matter
A tool for the Master

Connected to Satan's channel
No past, no soul, just signs
Of worms flesh to build His Temple

Revealed duty
The forge of idea
Resealed power
The force of the Master
Are you ready to die for your creed

Vector of faith hosted by organic fate
Is the Earth key to cross the eternity gates
Innovation in perdition
Next step in self destruction
Surrender the Baphomet's unction
Give a meaning to life's illusion
Rise. Be. Shine. Act. Burn. Destroy

Tack_to the Sun
Archetype of Power
My new soul deciphers
Now I am nothing but

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